Kudujad.io features at a glance

Our app and platform are evolving quickly. We can already now make your life easier for you to navigate and work with all the IoT and other connected devices.

Take a look below and see yourself. Keep in mind that we are constantly adding functionality and looking for user input.


Kudujad.io platform is designed with security in mind to make IoT a convenience and not a nuisance to you. Our protocols are secured using SSL/TLS with 4096bit keys and gateway authentication is done using public-key cryptography with unique certificates.


Get a quick overview what your
sensors are reporting in real-time and have a look at graphs for
historical data.


Remotely switch and control all your devices and connected
appliances from one app.

User management

Invite and manage users that have access to your site.

Use Add-ons from partners

Try out new features from our development partners who enrich the ecosystem with their own specific knowledge. Use premium Climate Control, Home Security or even try Elderly Management to offer comfort to your close ones.