Kudujad.io is an IoT Platform that connects all your gadgets to one app - for FREE. Forever.

Getting started is easy:
  1. Have a Raspberry PI and install Kudujad.io software on it. Sign up for early access to get Kudujad.io software for Raspberry PI.

  2. Download and install Kudujad.io Android app into your phone. For early access the app is not available in Google Play Store. It will be given to you after you sign up for early access.

  3. After installing the app, log into Kudujad.io to discover and include devices. Complete list of devices available here.

  4. Start using existing functionality and use our partner offerings to make your life easier using packaged functionality like Climate Control or Elderly monitoring.
You can connect any "thing" you want. Wired or wireless. With gateway or without or even multiple gateways in same installation.

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