Kudujad.io to be launched on Christmas 2016

We are fast moving towards our target to launch our very first smart home community edition on Kudujad.io platform before Christmas 2016
Kudujad.io is working hard to achieve our target on launching our IoT platform. We will support Raspberry PI with PiFace board for wired devices and wireless devices can be connected via Z-Wave USB dongle connected to Raspberry PI.

A range of Fibaro Z-Wave devices are integrated to demonstrate the platforms wireless capabilities. You can see full range of compatible devices here.

Sample functionality includes simple device monitoring and control, climate control and home security.

We expect functionality to grow fast after launch when community starts implementing their own code.

Write to info@kudujad.io or sign-up for Kudujad.io early access in our front page.
Kudujad.io early access available

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